Water Well Plugging in Houston, TX


Are you ready to abandon a well and move on to hopefully wetter pastures? Robinson Water Well can provide safe,effective water well plugging to all of our customers in the Houston, TX, area. Whether you're looking to dig a new well or moving away entirely, we can plug your well so you don't have to worry.

It's the Law

Under Texas law, it is a landowner's duty to plug any abandoned wells on their property. This means that no matter the location, no matter the age of the well, it must be legally plugged.

The three individuals who are allowed to plug a well are the landowner, a pump installer, or a licensed water well driller. Robinson Water Well can come to your property and plug any abandoned well you might own.

Safety and Satisfaction

Our water well plugging service follows best practices to create a safe,affordable plug on your well. No matter the size, no matter the type of water well you own, we can plug it. We have over 40 years of experience with water wells and we know our way around water well plugging.

Our water well plugging will meet the legal requirements of having a 400-pound weight capacity and not being easily moved by hand. We have worked with a variety of soil conditions, so we know how to handle and fully plug just about any well you might own.

Services You Can Afford

Robinson Water Well prides itself on always offering quality services that you can afford. Our prices are fair and our water well plugging services are thorough.

If you have an abandoned well on your property, call us today at 281-445-5661, or fill out our contact form. Don't let an unplugged well become a dangerous legal and health liability. Let Robinson Water Well plug your well correctly. ​